Sunday, May 27, 2007

Travelling Rings

Travelling rings look totally cool. Here's a bit I stole from the swingaring website since they explain pretty clearly what it's about.

"Traveling rings are unique outdoor physical fitness equipment that provide enjoyable and challenging exercise for the whole body. The structure consists of support posts and a top beam from which 8-10 rings, spaced 7-8 feet apart, hang on swivel chains 6-7 feet above the ground. Ring swingers "travel" from one ring to the next by using their arms, legs, and trunk to build momentum. The swivels enable the swinger to spin around and encourage more creative use."

There is a video about it too.

The best bit is that they are in Santa Monica which is close to where Jen lives. So my fitness goal is now to go there and be fit enough to use them.

The first step is working out with kettlebells. I ordered a DVD about it which I just got today and it looks really cool. It's all about full body exercises. I've been finding the writings of Josh Hill very enlightening as well. He's the one who inspired me to buy a kettlebell (by writing about the 300 workout), and had the link to that travelling rings video.

I'll be taking some before and after photos, but I won't be posting anything until the after photos are worth seeing.

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