Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I wanted to go see Play! which is on at the Opera House. It is a symphony of music from video games, including, of course, WoW.

Originally it was just Caitlin and Me. Then I invited Jimmy. Then I mentioned it to Andrew at work. And he asked everyone at work, and now 5 people at work are coming too. Then I told Coldcorpse (another Andrew) and he asked all his friends/relatives and now he has a group of 7 as well. Then I told Sanigav (Chris) and he and his flatmate want to come up from Canberra to see it.

It's all quite remarkable considering I thought it would be a hard sell, and haven't actually tried to sell it at all... I just mentioned it. Though of course quite a few of the people going play WoW with me or otherwise have an interest in video games.

I hope it's good now.

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