Monday, April 2, 2007

Babies and my nephew in particular

My brother and his wife recently had a baby. He's called Cooper and he's my first nephew. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I know next to nothing about babies, and generally have little interest in them beyond that they make good subjects for photos. Which is why it was so difficult shopping for a card and present for him today.

I had planned to get this gorgeous toy dog I saw in a shop in Neutral Bay, but it's going to be difficult to get back there before Saturday when I'm supposed to fly up to see them. And why would a baby want a stuffed toy anyway? He probably doesn't at his age, and as he gets older he'll probably go for cars and stuff. Stuffed toys are far more for the people giving them and for decorating the room I reckon. And looking around in the city, I didn't find a single other toy that was any better. Anything I thought would be interesting is for far older kids and I have no idea what a baby would actually like. So no present yet.

I did get a card though. After much looking and gagging at just how twee baby cards are. Apart from the fact that they are, without fail, pink for girls and blue for boys which is just stupid, they are so revoltingly cutesy. Cards are in general - when they aren't crude birthday cards - but baby cards are probably second only to wedding cards in their sickly sweetness. It might seem the obvious thing for a baby card, but it's such a cliche it doesn't seem at all sincere.

So, I was pleased to find a cool brand of cards that used more unusual phrasing to get the feelings across. I looked at one that said "Happy Mr Aardvark, delighted at being the first in the dictionary, sends lots of affection your way" (or something like that). I was going to get it until I saw this one.

Inside I'll write "Welcome to the world. We're glad to have you here".

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