Monday, April 2, 2007

Let's start with something I want

I destroy microphones. I've gone through at least 4 since I started using vent. The main reason is that they are tethered to the computer and I forget about that and yank on the cord constantly when I go to get up or sit on it or something. I'm also ctalk to myself when I forget to put it back on after sitting back down.

The solution? Bluetooth! My PC is already bluetooth compatible becuase it's a laptop and of course my phone is too. I wasn't sure a mobile headpiece would work on a PC but after doing a little research I found out that yes, as long as it can be paired to more than one device, I could happily use one with both a PC and my phone.

This means that

  1. I can use vent without trashing another mic
  2. I can use vent while I am walking around the house
  3. I can use my phone without holding it to my ear which I hate doing and
  4. I can listen to podcasts/music on my phone without the need for headphone cables

Even more ideal would be if I could get vent to play through the earpiece while all the other game sounds went through regular speakers.

I had planned to get this retro handset since I don't have a home phone, to make talking on the phone more pleasant. The earpiece would be much more convenient I think, but the handset would be handy to have for visitors.

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